Creating a Runbook Job

Once you've configured your Runbook Inventory File, it's time to execute that job using Velostrata. Follow these steps:  

  1. From the Velostrata Runbook Automation page, click Start New Job.
  1. Enter a Job Name.
  2. Click Choose File, then select the inventory CSV file that you previously created and saved. 
  3. Select the required Operation (For more information on available operations, please revisit this page).
  4. Click Start

Once you click start, your job will begin to execute. As mentioned previously, the runbook automation actions run in a sequence as defined, and are all re-entrant. That is, if there is any failure in the process, you can fix the problem and run a new job with the same runbook or click the Re-Run button that will appear from the screen above (far right). 

To abort this runbook job, click the Abort button on the far right of the listed job.