Creating the Cloud Details

The following steps only need to be completed if you are performing migrations from AWS to GCP:

  1. Login to the Velostrata appliance via HTTPS://IP_OF_VELO_APPLIANCE
  2. Click the Source Cloud icon
  3. Click on the Cloud Details tab
  4. Upload your AWS credentials file (it is a .JSON file which you generate via AWS)
  5. Define the remaining cloud details.
  6. Click finish.

1. Open a Web browser and navigate to the Velostrata Manager Virtual Appliance IP address, for example,

2. Click the System Settings icon.

3. Login when prompted with username 'localsupport'. Use your Velostrata Subscription ID or GCP Billing ID as your password.

4. Click the Source Cloud icon and then click the Create button.

5. Give this new source cloud a name. 

6. Pick the cloud credentials you wish to use for this source cloud. 

A. The cloud credentials must have been already added, via the Cloud Credentials tab.

7. Define your Region, VPC, and Security Group

8. Pick your Velostrata Worker Subnets, which is where these workers will be created, such that they reside in the relevant availability zone based on the location of the source machine.

9. Click OK.