Aborting a Runbook Job

To stop a runbook job that is in progress simply select the required row and click the Abort button on the far right. 

The reason to abort a runbook job might be because you have discovered an error taking place during this process. You need to resolve this issue and then re-attempt the rest of the actions defined in the runbook. This is easy to do because the runbooks are re-entrant, which means they can be 'aborted' and 're-run' such that the runbook picks up where it left off previously. Some additional details about what happens when you click abort:

  • Aborting a Runbook stops the Runbook job execution but does not stop the Velostrata Manager tasks that are already running/completed. 
  • For example, if you have a runbook that is designed to start five test clones one after the other. If, at the time you click abort, two of those test clones are already running then those two test clones will continue to run. The final three test clones, however, will not begin after clicking abort. 
  • After clicking abort, you will see a new button appear in that row called "Re-run". 
  • If you click the re-run button (after aborting), the runbook will pick up where it left off. Meaning the two test clones already running will stay running, and two *new* test clones will not begin in addition to those already running. The runbook will instead simply begin by starting the third test clone, which was next in line when the runbook was previously aborted. After that test clone is live, it will create the fourth and then the fifth.