Download and Install On-Premises

Follow the instructions in Deploying Velostrata On-Premises. This will guide you through:

  • Configuration of the Velostrata service role in vCenter.
  • Deployment of the Velostrata Manager virtual appliance on-prem.
  • Registration of the Velostrata vCenter Web Client Plugin.

Note: Make sure to follow the PoC configuration parameters below, which will be needed during the deployment to configure the system according to the setup described in this document.

Configuration Parameters for this PoC Example:

  • Subscription ID:You will need to provide a Subscription ID, which is the GCP Billing account ID.
  • Static Network Route: For simplicity, in this PoC environment we do not require to change core routing switches or routers to be aware of the GCP VPC and the VPN gateway connecting to it. With this static network route, the Velostrata Manager virtual appliance will be able to reach the Velostrata Cloud Edge Nodes in the VPC as well as workload virtual machines for console probe checks.

Enter the GCP VPC CIDR configured in the script, and the static IP of the VyOS virtul appliance on-prem. For this example: