Reference PowerShell Scripts

For an easier deployment and efficient auditing, Velostrata provides reference PowerShell scripts that help create the Resource Group, VNet, subnets, routing tables and Network security groups as well as define the required role and application user.

Using the PowerShell Scripts

  1. Complete the following pre-requisites:
  1. Download the script bundle from:
  2. After downloading and extracting the scripts to your desktop,  open the Properties tab for the *.ps1 files and verify that the scripts are not blocked.

Available Scripts


Azure Custom Role and Application User Only - if you already have an Azure VNET and environment deployed, you need to add the Velostrata role and application user. Execute the script named "azure_poc_user_setup_vXX.ps1" from the bundle downloaded in previous step.

To deploy a full Azure reference environment, see instructions in the Creating the Velostrata Reference Stack on Azure