Registering the Velostrata vSphere Plug-in

This enables you to use the Velostrata vSphere Web Client plug-in. Only one Velostrata Manager Virtual Appliance can be registered per vCenter.

Note: You may deploy different Velostrata Manager Virtual Machines for different vCenter servers. As long as you use the same Subscription ID across all Velostrata Manager Virtual Machines, the licensed capacity for that subscription is shared and the total Virtual Machines running in cloud will be counted across.

To register the Velostrata vSphere plug-in:

1. Navigate to the Velostrata Web Manager at HTTPS://VELO_MANAGER_IP.

2. Click the System Settings icon. 

3. When prompted to login, use the username 'localsupport' and use your Velostrata Subscription ID or your GCP Billing ID as your password. 

4. Click the vCenter Plugin tab.

5. Click the Register vCenter Plugin button. 

6. Enter your vCenter IP address (or DNS name), user, and password

7. Click the Register button.

When complete, you will see your vCenter IP address or DNS name and the plugin user that you specified. 

To unregister the Velostrata vSphere plug-in:

1. Follow steps 1-5 above.

2. Click the Unregister vCenter Plugin button.

3. Confirm your vCenter username and password and click Unregister.