Repairing a Cloud Extension

If the Cloud Extension creation task fails midway, the status of the Cloud Extension is set to Impaired. An impaired Cloud Extension can be caused due to components that were not successfully deployed, initial health checks that did not pass or a failure during ongoing operation. After fixing the underlying causes, the Cloud Extension can be repaired. Repairing the cloud extension attempts to re-create the missing components and/or run relevant health checks.  

Once the Cloud Extension is repaired, the status is set to Active.

Repair via Velostrata Web Management

1. Login to your Velostrata web management appliance via HTTPS://IP_OF_VELO_MGMT and login.

2. Click the Target Cloud icon.

3. Left click to select any of your defined Cloud Extensions.

4. Click the 'Repair' button. 

Note: you can only repair a Cloud Extension when it is stopped and in need of repair. 

5. Click 'Yes' to proceed when prompted. Or 'No' to cancel.

Repair via vCenter

  1. On the vSphere Web Client, select Datacenter > Velostrata > Repair Cloud Extension.
  1. Select the required Cloud Extension and click Repair.
  1. Click Yes to repair the selected Cloud Extension.

The process of repairing the Cloud Extension can be viewed on the Velostrata Cloud Extension portlet on the Datacenter Summary page, and by monitoring the created vSphere task.

Repair via PowerShell

  1. In Powershell, connect to the Velostrata Manager by running Connect-VelostrataManager.
  2. When prompted enter details for the Server, Username (apiuser) and Password (the subscription ID).
  3. To start the repair, run Repair-VelosCe -CloudExtensionDescription $ce