Configuring a Second NIC

You can configure an additional NIC for the Velostrata Management server (for environments with separate management VLAN vs VPN/Internet access). This is done in the Velostrata Web Manager and added in vSphere.

Note: Velostrata management to vSphere communication is only via the first NIC (eth0).

To configure a second NIC:

1. In vSphere, select the VM and right-click and select Edit Settings.

2. Select New Device > Network.

3. Click Add.

4. Click OK.

5. Open a Web browser and navigate to the Velostrata Manager Virtual Appliance IP address, for example, https://IPADDRESS.

6. Click System Settings and login when prompted. 

7. Enter localsupport as the User Name and the Velostrata customer subscription ID as the Password. For details on how to find your subscription ID, see Finding My Velostrata Subscription ID.

8. Click the Network Settings tab.

9. Click the eth1 configuration link.

  1. Enter the required networking details.
  2. Click Save.

When complete, you will see your eth1 settings to the right of your eth0 settings in the configuration box.