The Velostrata Cloud-to-Cloud functionality simplifies the migration of VMs from cloud-to-cloud. In this version, the Cloud-to-Cloud operations support migrating VMs from AWS to GCP.

During migration of an instance from AWS to GCP, Velostrata takes ownership of the instance disks at AWS. At the end of the process the original AWS instance will remain intact and powered off.

The following operations are supported when moving from AWS to GCP:

  1. Run in Cloud
  2. Storage Migration
  3. Move back
  4. Prepare to detach
  5. Detach
  6. Cleanup

Note: During cloud-to-cloud migrations, the VMs will be moved in write isolation mode, which means the data is not synchronized between AWS and GCP during the migration. 


  • AWS:
    • Credentials with the same roles/permission as VMWare to AWS.
    • Subnet with connectivity to GCP.
  • Instances to migrate.
  • Cloud Extension in GCP.
  • GCP Windows license:
  • CloudDetails object with information required to access the source cloud and create the Velostrata worker service accounts when migrating instances from source to target cloud.