Define Cloud Details

With Velostrata, you can migrate VMs from source clouds to target clouds. For example, you can migrate workloads from AWS into GCP. To do this, we need to define your source cloud(s). You'll define the appropriate cloud details for each source cloud you want to migrate out of. 

Using Velostrata Web Manager

You can add a source cloud via the Velostrata Web Manager. For more information on any of the fields you must provide, please see step 9 of the To add a Cloud Extension to GCP section in the Add a Cloud Extension article

1. Navigate to the Velostrata Web Manager at HTTPS://VELO_MANAGER_IP.

2. Click the Source Cloud icon. 

3. When prompted to login, use the username 'localsupport' and use your Velostrata Subscription ID or your GCP Billing ID as your password. 

4. On the Cloud Details tab, click the Create button.

5. Give this new source cloud a name. 

6. Pick the cloud credentials you wish to use for this source cloud. 

A. The cloud credentials must have been already added, via the Cloud Credentials tab.

7. Define your Region, VPC, and Security Group

8. Pick the subnet per each availability zone to be used by the Velostrata Worker during the migration process.

9. Click OK.

Using PowerShell

First create the AWS credentials, and then create the cloud details object using the credentials as one of the parameters.

To create a cloud details object:

  1. To create the credentials, run New-VelosCredentials -CredentialsId <string> [-SecretKey] <securestring> [-AccessKey]

For example:

New-VelosCredentials -CredentialsId aws -AccessKey AKIAIEWUYACMPZGMYB4A

cmdlet New-VelosCredentials at command pipeline position 1

Supply values for the following parameters:

SecretKey: ****************************************

  1. To create the cloud details, run New-VelosCloudDetails [-Aws] <SwitchParameter> [-DetailsName] <String> [-CredentialsId] <String> [-Region] <String> [-SecurityGroupIds] <List[string]> [-AvailabilityZoneToSubnet]  <Hashtable>

For example:

New-VelosCloudDetails -aws -DetailsName NewAws -CredentialsId aws -Region eu-west-1 -SecurityGroupIds "sg-48539e2d" -AvailabilityZoneToSubnet @{"eu-west-1c" = "subnet-c1484887“ ; @{"eu-west-1b" = "subnet-b1324679}

Name    CredentialsId Region    SecurityGroupIds AvailabilityZoneToSubnet

----    ------------- ------    ---------------- ------------------------

NewAws  aws           eu-west-1 {sg-48539e2d}    {[eu-west-1c, subnet-c1484887]}

  • Run Remove-VelosCloudDetails [-DetailsName]

In this example, Get-VelosCloudDetails shows the cloud details for two cloud detail objects, including one named NewAWS. This object is then removed, leaving one cloud details object.

  • Run Get-VelosCloudDetails.