Accessing your Velostrata Management Server for GCP

Once you have successfully deployed your Velostrata Management Server in GCP, you must login and define a few more parameters.

1. To access your Velostrata Management Server in GCP, navigate to HTTPS://IP_OF_SERVER in your web browser. 

If you are prompted for a login/password:

login: localsupport 

password: use your GCP Billing Account ID (which you can collect from your GCP console). Read this article for more information.

2. You may receive a certificate warning which you can bypass (as this is a self-signing server by design).

3. You will be promoted with our EULA, below:

4. Here you can define a number of options:

Enable Automatic Support Bundle Periodically - Yes or No

This will send support packages to the Velostrata team automatically on a regular interval. This means that you'll have a historical database of logs on hand in case you need support, and our support team will have access to them right away. Click yes to opt-in or no to opt-out.

Enable Telemetry - Yes or No

This sends anonymous usage statistics to Velostrata so that we can better support you and our product development. No personal or sensitive information will be shared with Velostrata in any capacity. Click yes to opt-in or no to opt-out. 

Service Location, where if you have selected yes to either A or B, you can pick where your information is stored: the United States (US) or Europe (EU). If you select EU, all actions will be GDPR-compliant. If you selected no to A and B, this option will be grayed out as it does not apply.

Note: you can change these selections any time by accessing the system settings tab.

7. Read the EULA in full and check the box to accept.

8. Click OK to complete your configuration.