Starting a Cloud Extension

You can start a Cloud Extension from the Velostrata web management or vCenter:

Using Velostrata Web Management

1. Login to your Velostrata web management appliance via HTTPS://IP_OF_VELO_MGMT and login.

2. Click the Target Cloud icon.

3. Left click to select any of your defined Cloud Extensions.

4. Click the 'Start' button. 

Note: you can only start a Cloud Extension that is currently stopped. 

5. Click 'Yes' to proceed when prompted. Or 'No' to cancel. 

Using vCenter

A stopped Cloud Extension is automatically started when a Virtual Machine is moved to the cloud and Run-in-Cloud waits for the Cloud Extension to start. You can also manually start a Cloud Extension.

  1. On the vSphere Web Client, select Datacenter > Velostrata Operations > Start Cloud Extension.
  2. Select the desired Cloud Extension and click Start.