Monitoring the Cloud Extension

To monitor the current run state of the Cloud Extension, review the Velostrata Cloud Extension portlet added to the virtual Datacenter Summary page. If the Cloud Extension appears in an Impaired state, it cannot be used to run new VMs in cloud.

Remediation Tip: If a Cloud Extension appears impaired due to a cloud host health issue, stopping and starting the Cloud Extension may fix the issue as affected instances are restarted on a healthy host. Alternatively, repair the Cloud Extension. See Repairing a Cloud Extension.

To monitor the Cloud Extension:

  • To monitor performance and operational statistics for the Cloud Extension, click your datacenter and then use the Monitor > Velostrata Service tab. You can review performance and usage stats aggregated across all VMs and Cloud Edges associated with this Cloud Extension. You can also review the total number of VMs running in cloud, WAN usage, IOPS, IO latency and throughput as well as other efficiency metrics.

Graphs are offered at pre-canned periods of Hour, Day, 7 days, 30 days as well as a user-defined custom range.

The following metrics are available:

  • Workload:
    • IOPS: Total IO operations per second generated by VMs in cloud, using this Cloud Extension (nodes A + B).
    • IO Latency (ms): Average IO latency for IO operations across all VMs in cloud, using this Cloud Extension.
    • Throughput (Bytes/sec): Total throughput across all VMs in cloud, using this Cloud Extension (nodes A + B).
  • WAN Usage (Bytes/sec): Total WAN throughput in each direction for the Cloud Extension, as reported by nodes A + B.
  • Total #VMs in Cloud (running or stopped): Total VMs in cloud, using this Cloud Extension.
  • Datastore IO Offload%: Average IO offload across node A and B. This is based on the ratio of IO operations that were handled in cloud by nodes A and B, vs the total IO operations over the related vSphere Datastores on premises.