Restarting a VM in the Cloud

Note: If the instance was launched with the assign Public IP option, a new public IP might be assigned on each restart.

When you run restart a VM in the cloud and the instance does not restart up in a healthy way, Velostrata uses VM auto healing to fix the problem and restart the instance.

To restart a VM in the cloud:

  1. On the vSphere Web Client, select the desired Virtual Machine.
  2. Right-click the VM and select Velostrata Operations > Restart.

To restart a VM using PowerShell:

  1. In PowerShell, connect to the Velostrata Manager by running Connect-VelostrataManager.
  2. When prompted enter details for the Server, Username (apiuser) and Password (the subscription ID).
  3. To restart on a VM, run Restart-VelosVm [-Id] <String[]>.