Customization Scripts Overview

When a VM is migrated to the cloud, various guest-level adaptations may need to be made for the VM to operate properly. Some required adaptations can be as a result of cloud environment constrains (for example,  a VM will not be able to boot properly without them). These adaptations are handled by Velostrata out of the box, but other generic improvements or customer-specific adaptations may be desired.

To provide flexibility for defining those actions, Velostrata includes generic code to execute scripts based on the provided conditions and order. The scripts can be either provided by Velostrata (and deployed as a part of RPM/Velostrata service) or be deployed by customers.

Our model contains two entities - conditions and actions:

  • Conditions are defined as “VM is started in cloud running with Velostrata” or “Detached VM is started in cloud”.
  • Actions are the scripts that are executed when the condition holds.