Viewing Velostrata vCenter Alarms and Events

When the Velostrata plug-in is installed, two alarm definitions are added to vCenter:

  1. Velostrata Alarm for ‘VirtualMachine’
  2. Velostrata Alarm for ‘Velostrata Cloud Extension’

Velostrata triggers an alarm in vCenter whenever a Cloud Extension is in an Impaired state. The alarm is cleared when the Cloud Extension returns to an Active state. The alarm is triggered on the associated Datacenter.

A corresponding Error event appears too.

If for example, a node in the Cloud Extension is stopped, an alarm is also raised for any VM running in the Cloud Extension, because although the VM is running, its performance is degraded.


More details appear in the events. For example, there is an Error event for the VM, showing that it is in Degraded mode.