How-to: Ubuntu 14/16/18 Prep for Run in GCP/AWS/Azure


An Ubuntu 14/16/18 virtual machine that is built and maintained on VMware platform will require certain adaptation done in order to be migrated using Velostrata.

Installation Steps

  1. Login to the Ubuntu virtual machine with with sudo privileged access.
  2. Install the velostrata-prep package (download from:  
sudo dpkg -i velostrata-prep-VERSION.deb


sudo dpkg -i velostrata-prep-1.8-12.deb


  1. Install all required/missing pre-requisites for the velostrata-prep package. 
sudo apt-get install -f -y

NOTE: No reboot is required after the Velostrata package is installed.

NOTE: If the installation is unsuccessful or if there are any warnings during the installation, ensure that you address them prior to the run-in-cloud operation.