Understanding the Velostrata Telemetry Service

Velostrata Telemetry collects and stores operational and performance metrics reported by Velostrata software components. This information provides:

  • Performance graphs in the vSphere web client (e.g. IOPS, IO latency, throughput)
  • Activity Monitoring in the vSphere web client (e.g. - VMs in the cloud, migration activity, WAN utilization).
  • Troubleshooting functional and performance issues and customer support.

All metrics collected and sent to Velostrata Telemetry are communicated over an encrypted connection and are identifiable only by the subscription ID configured by the customer during installation. Telemetry information includes operation metrics, such as network transfer volumes, I/O activity and response times, task type counters and API request statistics. 

No personal names, birth dates, Social Security numbers or migrated server names are collected or stored by the Velostrata Telemetry service.

It is highly recommended to keep the telemetry service enabled for full functionality of the Velostrata product and to enable expedited customer support experience. However, if security or other reasons prohibit the use of the telemetry service, please notify and consult with Velostrata Support. You may also request the latest list of metrics collected.

Instructions for disabling telemetry reporting (if desired):

Disabling the Telemetry via Velostrata Web Manager

1. Open a Web browser and navigate to the Velostrata Manager Virtual Appliance IP address, for example,

2. Click the System Settings icon.

3. Login when prompted with username 'localsupport'. Use your Velostrata Subscription ID or GCP Billing ID as your password.

4. Toggle the Enable Telemetry option from YES to NO. 

Disabling the Telemetry via vCenter
  1. Under Authoring, expand Properties, select vm.reportstats, and click Edit.
  2. Check User configurable, and click OK.
  1. Back on the vApp Options tab, under Application properties - Velostrata Server Appliance, expand Product and verify that Enable telemetry is unchecked, then click OK.
  1. Power on the Velostrata virtual appliance.


  1. Shut down the Velostrata Management Virtual Appliance in vSphere.
  2. In the vSphere web console, right-click the Velostrata virtual appliance and select Edit Settings.
  3. Click on the vApp Options tab.