Delete a Test Clone

Once you have completed your testing with your test clone, you can delete it. Deleting the test clone will have no impact whatsoever on your live system or data. The test clone was running in an isolated test bubble in the cloud, so that it performs like the real application (and data), but without affecting it. Any changes you made to the data in the test clone will not reflect back to your live system on-prem.

Deleting Test Clone via Web Manager

1. Login to your Velostrata Web Manager at HTTP://VELO_IP

2. Click the Runbook Automation tab.

3. Login with 'apiuser' for the username and use your GCP Billing ID for the password.

4. Click Start New Job

5. Define a job name, select your runbook inventory CSV file (which lists the test clone instances you are about to stop). 

6. Select Delete Test Clones from the drop down.

7. Click Start.

For more information on using Runbooks, please visit this section.

Deleting Test Clone via vCenter
To delete a Test Clone:
  1. On the vSphere Web Client, select Datacenter > Velostrata > Delete Clone
  2. Enter the number that appears in the box and click OK.

The process of deleting the Test Clone can be viewed on the Task Console by monitoring the created vSphere task:

The process can also be monitored via the Velostrata portlet: