Velostrata Summary

Velostrata gets enterprise applications running in the cloud within minutes while data migrates transparently in the background. Accelerate and simplify mass migration projects by supporting hundreds of migrations per day through Velostrata’s patented streaming technology, agentless architecture, advanced WAN optimization, live in-cloud testing, analytics-based cloud instance rightsizing, and stateful rollback capabilities. With Velostrata, enterprises can validate, run, and migrate applications into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) without re-writing them, modifying the image, or changing management processes. Getting to the cloud is now as simple as a few clicks in vCenter. Velostrata does the rest.

Key Capabilities

  • Automatic and Seamless Adaptations for cloud, including driver/agent installations, networking, licensing and more. No manual changes required to the applications, images, networks, storage, or drivers.
  • Provisioning and Rightsizing of Cloud Instances using Velostrata, including support for customizations to networking, dedicated instances, encrypted disks, etc., as well as analytics-based rightsizing recommendations for both cost and performance.
  • Pre-migration Validation via Velostrata’s test-clone capability, which allows testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud, within an isolated environment that has zero impact on production or live systems.
  • Migration Automation: For pre-migration planning or migration automation, Velostrata offers self-documenting, auditable migration plans which IT can automatically generate based on vCenter Inventories. Automation runbooks provide a blueprint for each server, including their dependencies and configuration details, enabling scalable batch migration.
  • Stateful rollback so no trip to the cloud is one-way if applications don't operate as planned.
  • Programmable Operation with REST API or PowerShell enables automation of the migration flow using the orchestration/automation tools of your choice.
  • Customization Hooks allow IT managers to perform specific customizations (e.g. enable or disable services) upon migration to cloud or rollback to on-prem.
  • Transparent Management: No changes to the applications, images, networks, storage, or drivers are required and there is no need to learn new tools or processes as Velostrata integrates seamlessly into VMware vCenter. Velostrata is also designed with a PowerShell module, REST API for simple integration into 3rd party management tools.

These Guides

The upcoming sections will take you through the steps needed to deploy Velostrata and start migrating workloads into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). During this deployment guide, we’ll start by defining the terminology and architecture that you’ll see throughout the deployment. We will then outline the pre-requisites you’ll need before you begin (along with instructions where appropriate to complete them). Finally, we’ll proceed with the steps to properly install and configure your Velostrata deployment in the upcoming chapters. 

If you need help along the way, you can always visit or email us at We’re here to help.