This walk-through will guide you through the steps to deploy a production Velostrata environment which is equipped to migrate systems from on-prem to GCP. It will leverage articles from our official documentation.


For more information on the Velostrata solution, including capabilities, terminology, technology, and networking, please read through this section

GCP Pre-requisites

Before deploying Velostrata, you'll need to complete some pre-requisites in GCP first which are outlined here

Velostrata Appliance Installation

Once pre-requisites are met in GCP, you can proceed to installing the Velostrata deployment by following this guide here

Velostrata Cloud Extension Installation

After the on-prem appliance is installed, we'll need to install Cloud Extensions GCP as well by following these steps here.

For more detailed information on Cloud Extensions, see this guide here.

Using Velostrata

Once the Velostrata appliance and Cloud Extension are installed, you're ready to start migrating systems from on-prem to GCP. Instructions for some of the most common operations can be found here:

For all Velostrata operations, please refer to this guide here

[Optional] Migrating VMs from AWS to GCP?

If you're also migrating VMs from AWS and into GCP, please complete the following additional steps:

For complete steps on setting up a Velostrata deployment for AWS to GCP migrations, see this guide here

Getting Help

Stuck on your deployment? Reach out so we can help